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Web Terminal.
Fast, Secure Credit Card Transactions Over the Internet.

Web Terminal
replaces the need for a standalone credit credit card terminal in a retail environment, using the speed of the Internet. Web Terminal features swiped transactions (card present) for lower cost to merchants. Web Terminal processes transactions in real-time or in batch mode right over the Internet, at a cost that makes sense!

Swipe Card
Web Terminal provides a password protected merchant console to perform exception transactions, e.g. voids, refunds, and to view reports. View current transaction batch totals by payment type, settlement history, and customer information. This data is downloadable into business management software to simplify your bookkeeping. Web Terminal, like all Atomic Software e-payment products, is certified with major processors and thousands of banks.


  • Supports ABA standard track and 2 data formats
  • Operates with Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or higher)
  • Certified on the major payment networks
  • Certified for address verification (AVS)
  • Certified for purchase card level II
  • Unlimited Users
  • Full reporting features
  • Transaction history
  • Transaction search by card number, date, date range, invoice number, and amount
  • Downloadable data to other business applications in standard format
  • Multiple access levels to establish
    security policy for each
  • Password access protection
  • Secure transactions using SSL, level 3
  • Ultra-fast transaction speeds
  • Support all credit card types
  • Provides batch processing and simplified submission in a standard file layout
  • Shopping Cart - featuring a drop down menu
    for shipping options
Web Terminal Price: $349.00
Gateway Fee:
Transaction Fee:

PC Software. Authorizer for Windows is the best, payment system available today.

It authorizes credit, debit and check transactions, for retail mail order/phone order, restaurant, and and Internet transactions. Simple to use to authorize instantly, or collect transactions in a batch for later processing.

Authorizer goes Wireless using a CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) modem for ultra fast authorizations. Great for merchants who need fast throughput - quick serve restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, and other 'rush' venues, and eliminates the high phone charges for payment processing.


  • Operates on Windows 95/98 and NT 3.51, NT 4.0, Windows 2000
  • CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) Wireless support for ultra-fast transactions
  • Address verification (AVS) for retail, and mail order/phone order transactions
  • Performs purchase card level II-III
  • Recurring billing
  • Simplified LAN connected PC's
  • Auto modem search for up to 2 modems; automatic modem configuration settings
  • Auto card reader track 1-2 detection
  • Multi-level password access control for setup, reports, settlement, and transaction types
  • 40 or 80 column printer support
  • Restaurant transaction support
  • Tipping feature
  • Server and Shift reporting
  • Touch screen keypad for restaurant
  • Separate beverage totals for restaurant transactions
  • Transaction batch, payment type, declined transaction, and transaction history reports
  • Transaction history database for chargeback information retrieval
  • Context sensitive help screens
  • Optional file import/export feature
  • Optional application program interface for integration into other programs
  • Optional multi-merchant capability

Easy Installation. Authorizer is easy to setup in just minutes. Installation is menu driven with defaults for popular selections. Authorizer supports a host of popular peripherals, such as; dial modems, card readers, receipt printers, MICR check read readers, PIN pads for debit cards, and now wireless modems. Authorizer is also local area network (LAN) ready for up to 24 workstations.

Powerful Reporting. Authorizer offers a host of reports to manage both daily and other period reporting. It provides a daily transaction batch report for viewing, editing, and printing prior to settlement, and batch settlement, historical, and exception item reporting.

  • ARP Solutions (Banktec)
  • Paymentech
  • Buypass
  • Vista (VistaNet)
  • Card Systems (Maverick)
  • Lynk Systems
  • First Data Merchant Services (Hagerstown) North
  • First Data Merchant Services (Omaha)
  • First Data Merchant Services (Nabanco) South
  • First Data Merchant Services (Telemoney)
  • NDC E-Commerce (Atlanta)
  • NDC E-Commerce (Mapp)
  • Discover
  • Nova
  • Equifax
  • First Tennessee Bank
  • Data Processors Inc.
  • Bank of America
PC Software Price: $279.95
Visa, Mastercard discount rate
starting at 2%