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Credit Card Trminals
A Terminal for a
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Web Terminal
Fast Secure Credit Card Transactions
Over the Internet.
  • Secure SSL Transactions
  • Ultra-fast Transaction Speeds
  • Supports all Credits Cards
Verifone Tranz 330
Verifone Tranz 330

The most recognizable in the credit card industry is the Verifone Tranz 330. It is a proven terminal that offers the ability to accept all major credit cards, and is supported by almost every processor in the world today, so there is also no need to worry about compatibility.
Verifone Omni 3200
The VeriFone OMNI 3200 has a user interface with screen addressable buttons that can display up to 8 lines of text! It has a high speed printer which prints a blazing 12.5 lines per second and it is totally silent! The print head life expectancy is over 24 million lines! The OMNI 3200 is a totally up-gradable operating system, so you never have to buy another terminal again. Also it has a track 3 reader for driver licenses which may be required in the future. The terminal is extremely easy to use. Learn to use this terminal in a third less time than other terminals. OMNI 3200 users call for support 36% less than other terminal users!! Add any additional service: Start accepting debit cards and get lower rates by adding a PIN pad. Verifone Omni 3200

Nurit 2085

Nurit 2085

The Nurit 2085 is a compact terminal and printer package that combines ease of use and high performance into a compact and affordable package. The 2085 terminal has many of the features of the Nurit 2080 plus 4 "soft keys." These are keys that are directly below the large backlit LCD and will respond to prompts and icons on the screen. In addition the Nurit 2085 features 4 programmable "hot keys" that are programmable to access features at the touch of a button.

The unit also uses the same thermal printer mechanism as the high performance Nurit 505 printer. The 2085 prints highly legible receipts at a speedy 12 lines per second.

The Nurit 2085 can hold up to 9 merchant accounts.

All of the above features, plus it's ease of use, make it an excellent transaction system for any merchant.

Nurit 3010
Product Highlights - (Great for the Business on the Go!!)
  • 1 MB of flash (ROM) memory with an additional .25 MB of RAM
  • Batch history retention
  • Ultra-fast 32 bit processor
  • Super-fast 12 lines-per-second printer
  • Large, easy-to-read graphics display
  • Universal keypad.
  • 12-hour NiMH battery with an external charger
  • Enhanced graphical user-interface with an easy-to-use menu
  • Four SAM's: 2 internal board level, 2 user accessible
Nurit 3010

The Nurit 3010 can also be equipped with its own Docking Station, featuring:

  • Mini-cradle docking with an internal battery charger for unit, and an external charger for the spare battery allowing for simultaneous charging of both!
  • Two additional duplex RJ11 telephone jacks
  • Easy connection to DC power supply
VeriFone PIN pad 1000
VeriFone PIN pad 1000 The VeriFone PIN pad 1000 is an excellent way to add on-line debit payments to your current POS system. By letting customers use their ATM or Debit cards you can save costly discount percentages and increase customer loyalty.
The PINpad 1000 offers consumers a number of advantages. So compact it fits in the palm of the hand, it allows customers to enter their PINs in complete confidentiality. The PIN Pad 1000 features an easy to read 8-character display that prompts customers to enter their PIN. It will encrypt those numbers before sending them through your POS and finally to your processing bank.
P250 Printer

The Printer 250 is a convenient way to print receipts and add that professional touch to your business. The P250 uses 3" two-ply paper rolls available at most office supply stores. It's 7 pin dot matrix printer produces crisp legible receipts at a rate of 2.1 lines per second.

P250 Printer